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Discovery of the salt marsh

Duration: 1 day

Along the water… Mother Nature is sublime…

Discovering the local traditions and magic, this day will be placed under the seal of a certain form of romanticism.
You will, if you allow me the expression, take a lot of eyes and quench your thirst for learning.

To begin this wonderful escapade, let’s take the road in the direction of Beauvoir sur Mer.
You can’t stay in the Vendée without taking an interest in the local culture and the incredibly rich heritage.

So, this morning, we suggest that you meet Analia and Julien, at the Salines du Breuil, for a magical and gourmet break in the heart of the salt marsh.
You will discover through the story of this endearing couple with a very singular background, the life in the Marais and the wonderful job of a saulier.

Originally, nothing predisposed Analia and Julien to take this path.
She was born and works in Argentina, he is an engineer on an oil platform.
How did they get there?
That’s what makes the LETS of their story…
And believe us, they will be delighted to share it with you.

In a sumptuous and soothing setting, Analia will guide you through the site and provide you with valuable information. Passionate about her job, she will take the time to explain the different stages of salt harvesting, with infinite precision and a lot of patience.
Of course, you will not escape at the end of your visit to the final tasting…
Analia will even give you some good ideas for recipes.
Really, this is a visit that we recommend.
We believe that it is a true source of inspiration and humility.
The traditional method used by Julien to harvest the salt is particularly demanding and undoubtedly commands respect. Not to be missed under any circumstances.

After this most exotic morning appetizer, let’s continue the adventure towards the Port du Bec…

The Port du Bec is an atypical stopover. The people of the Vendée nicknamed it the “Chinese port”. .
With these numerous poles and these so singular piers, the disorder seems to reign and it is precisely what confers to this place this so particular atmosphere.

In any case, you’re in the right place to take a well-deserved lunch break…

We advise you to settle down at the restaurant Mord’eau and to take advantage of its terrace to relax.
On the menu, and as you can easily imagine, the delights of the sea are highly recommended. The freshness of the shellfish and fish is unmatched.
The kindness of the managers and the quality of the service are also to be underlined.

To know more

In the summer, the restaurant comes alive and provides a small stage for artists.
The musical program is of high quality and eclectic.

You’ve got it, you’ll have a great time at the Port du Bec, timeless and against the current, a vacation experience like we like it!

Afternoon, lazing on the beach of La Bergère in La Barre de Monts…

After enjoying a hearty platter of seafood, you may feel the need to rest a little…

If so, follow us… We take you to the Barre de Monts side, to the Bergère beach. It takes about 20 minutes by car to reach this magnificent sandy area from the port of Le Bec.

In our opinion, this is the most charming beach in the area.
Totally wild, it offers very beautiful spaces and the frequentation is very low even in high season.
The term “confidential” as far as she is concerned is frankly not usurped.

And if we recommend the beach of La Bergère, it is because it has another interest, that of being located at the edge of the national forest.
You will have all the leisure to choose…
The sand for sunbathers and swimmers…
The shade of the trees to be lulled by the song of the birds…

When you decide to leave this place and come back to the campsite, come and see us!
We would be delighted to hear about your day and to get your feedback on this “Au fil del’eau” experience…