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Salt Road Experience

On the land side… A village of craftsmen on the Salt Road…

For this escapade Côté Terre that we have prepared for you, you will travel in unknown land and rediscover forgotten arts.
What mysteries surround this day, you may say!
I would answer you that you need to have your mouth watering.

We love this experience. It’s a trip with family or friends that is truly off the beaten path. You will have a new look at this territory which abounds in unsuspected treasures. We look forward to your feedback and testimonials to confirm this.

To know more

No need to leave too early as some shops only open their doors around 10:00 am

l'île aux artisants

Departure from the campsite and direction Sallertaine to discover this pretty village and the island of the craftsmen
it takes about 15 minutes to reach the destination.

Once there, you will discover not an island but a district entirely dedicated to craftsmen. And not just any kind. It is about these not very traditional trades which crossed the centuries and which are for some in the process of disappearance.

Stroll through the streets, meet these artists who will share their passion with you.

To discover with them this unique know-how, to observe them practicing their art, to hear them talking about it, it is really a nice experience.

I remember this anecdote.
My son, captivated by the glassblower, asked him:

– Sir, how do you learn your trade?
The glassmaker smiled at her and answered in a soft voice.
– As a child, you can’t learn the glassmaking trade, you have to steal it.

My son, of course, did not understand the meaning of this message.
For my part, I admit that when I saw him practicing his art, I was fascinated by his control and his incredible dexterity. To achieve such feats, I want to believe that repetition and knowledge are two essential ingredients.

Let’s go back to our sheep…
During this walk (about 2 hours) you will meet jewelers, ceramists, a cutler, a leather worker, a painter, the famous glass blower or a basket maker

Take advantage of this opportunity to offer yourself some souvenir gifts. The prices are affordable and “homemade” is priceless.

Lunch break at the Marais gourmand restaurant…

To be completely honest with you, we did not have the opportunity to test this restaurant.
However, the glowing testimonials from our friends and the positive feedback from our customers have definitely convinced us. I promise, as soon as we find some time, we’ll go try it out.

The Salt Route for a “life-size adventure”!

route du sel sallertaine

On foot, by bike or by canoe, you will have to choose your formula.
We advise you to opt for the canoe.
And then, to soak up the history of this place, choose the guided formula.
Believe us, you won’t regret it.
The guide’s explanations give a whole new dimension to this adventure.
Who better than the man who shaped these landscapes can speak about it.

Nestled in a preserved natural setting, you will discover a fascinating universe.
Of course, nature lovers will be keen observers of the flora and fauna.
The deep calm of this place and its timelessness, this unusual atmosphere, impossible that you remain insensitive in front of this spectacle.

You will also have the opportunity to discover natural historical sites such as the Moulin de Rairé, the Bourrine à Rosalie or theAbbaye de l’Ile Chauvet and their inhabitants.

Qualified and passionate guides will make you discover the marsh at dawn, during the day and even at night with a candlelight dinner! Unusual and surprising, the walks enchant participants in search of adventure, change of scenery and authenticity.

If you feel like it, you can also add to your program a visit to the Rairé Mill. It is a stopover that we recommend. Since 1955 and the end of its construction, it
is the only windmill in France to have always worked.
The miller will be happy to introduce you to it. At the end of the visit, you will also be able to taste the products made from the Mill’s organic flour.

To know more

Permanent exhibitions tell the story of the milling industry and its techniques.
Specialities: wheat and buckwheat flours from organic farming, pancakes, fine cookies, local products…

Practical information

Canoeing in the wind (guided) / Stopover at the Moulin de Rairé

Reservation required and subject to a sufficient number of participants
DURATION: 4 hours (approximately)
RATES : Visit of the mill and tasting included :
Adults (+12 years old): 35,00
6 – 12 years old: 18,00 €.
3 – 5 years old: 10,00 €.