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Yeu Island Experience

Duration: 1 day


You have a thirst for exoticism and distant horizons…
You dream of walking on a white sand beach and swimming in crystal clear water…
You need fantasy and wonder…

No need to go to Nantes airport and cross the ocean to taste this dreamlike vision.
Instead, fly to the island of Yeu, this rough diamond polished by the winds of the Atlantic coast.
A change of scenery guaranteed!
And believe us, the journey in question is akin to an odyssey to the BEAUTIFUL.

Are we lacking in objectivity?

Even though we love our land and sometimes tend to sublimate it, we are willing to bet that this island experience will remain sealed in your hearts.

To reach the pier, take the direction of Fromentine, located about 20 minutes from the campsite.
We advise you to book your tickets on the website www.yeu-continent.fr.
We have compared the offers and those of this company remain more interesting.

The company offers a free parking solution. We invite you to read the terms and conditions on their website.


to live this experience fully, opt for the first departures (around 7H00 or 8H00 for example)

The arrival in Port Joinville and the beginning of the adventure…

To discover this pearl of the Atlantic, this sumptuous and magnificent rock, the best is to rent a bicycle.
You will have no difficulty in finding one as there are many rental companies, however, to avoid any unpleasant surprises, we advise you to reserve your frames in advance.
A small coffee on the port before leaving and on the way!

Tour of the island by bike :

The tour of the island is 28 kilometers long and does not present any major difficulty.
Take the time to take the time, that is the only advice we can give you.
Discover the wonders of the island of Yeu at your own pace.

However, not all of us want to be the “King of the Pedal” and some will find the circuit a little long.
Don’t worry, fortunately there are other alternatives…
Shorter bike tours, walking tours, guided excursions, the possibility of renting motorized vehicles, taking public buses, booking a cab… Everything is possible!

tour de l'île d'Yeu à vélo
découverte de l'île d'YEU


How difficult it is to describe the face of the island of Yeu in a few words!
We could accentuate the line on some emblematic places of the island and we will do it gladly.
However, as beauty remains a subjective notion, this experience belongs to you and we urge you to let yourself be guided by your feelings and your desires to apprehend it freely.

Freedom… It is perhaps the first feeling that animates us when we discover this island for the first time.
A land of contrasts par excellence, between wild coast and fine sandy beaches, it has preserved all its authenticity over time.
Here, the song of the birds is not yet covered by the noise of the engines, and it is the charm of this destination. Nature is QUEEN and we are simply its servants.

Our favorites and good addresses:

As for the beaches, you will be spoilt for choice.
Large sandy beaches or intimate coves, the choice is yours.

As far as we are concerned, we have some preferences and a real favorite…

It is the beach of Anse des Soux.
You will find this landmark, this place of delights where the water is most beautiful, in the south of the island.
At the foot of a cliff, you will reach it by a small steep path.
This postcard setting, with its white sand and crystal clear water, just highlights the incredible talent of Mother Nature, our beloved magician.

Many other nice beaches… Plage des Sabias, Plage de la Belle maison, Plage des Sapins…

The must-sees of the island…

It is impossible to go to the island of Yeu without stopping at the Port de la Meule.
It is a small enclave on the southwest coast of the island of Yeu where time seems to have “suspended its flight”.
A small and intimate port with a great charm that some would say they would like to anchor there forever.
Not to be missed.

For history lovers, a visit to the old castle is a must. It is THE MEDIEVAL SITE of the island. You can take a guided tour to learn all about this fortress.
Find all the information by clicking on the link.

château de l'île d'Yeu


Snack bar “Chez Martin”:
This restaurant is an institution on the island. If you are hungry for authenticity and simplicity, this address should delight you. On the menu, delicious pancakes, mussels and above all… you will have the opportunity to taste the specialty of the island by tasting the famous “patagos”.
A pure delight!