Le Bois Verdon
Camping à Saint Jean de Monts
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Beach & Museum Experience

Duration: 1 day

Discovering a preserved territory….

For this new experience that will once again put nature in the spotlight, we offer you a very tasty cocktail.
Take a pinch of sand, add a dash of curiosity, top it off with a sunset and you have a delightful vacation experience.

If you are ready for another crazy day, follow the guide and remember to check the tide times. This is an ESSENTIAL criterion for this getaway to make sense.
It is IMPERATIVE that the tide is low. This is the sine qua non condition.
The little extra: a huge tidal coefficient, so maybe you will have the chance to discover the secret of this beach.

At dawn for the most courageous and a little later for most of you, get on your bikes and head for Notre-Dame-de-Monts and the beach of Pont d’Yeu.
This beach is one of the most beautiful in the area and has a particularity that gives it a certain charm.
Indeed, at low tide, at the time of high tides, it reveals a tongue of land.
This phenomenon is rare enough that we take the time to mention it, but above all it is very photogenic.
Nothing better than a photo to immortalize this vision and illustrate what words cannot always translate.
This original spot, leaning against the dune, is suitable for swimming and fishing.
But… It’s earned. From the parking lot, you will have to climb a few steps before crossing the dune. And there, a piece of advice, catch your breath, but above all ENJOY the breathtaking view that is offered to you.

It doesn’t matter what activity you choose as long as it suits you perfectly…
Fishing on foot, swimming, building a sand citadel, flying in the air with a colorful kite, intensive swimming or balloon games…
Relax and recharge your batteries!

picnic break camping Vendée

Picnic break in the shade of the holm oaks…

Before continuing the program, it will be time to go to the table and get some strength. It is truly a great place to unfold a blanket and enjoy this precious moment with your family. If you feel the need, allow yourself a little nap…
It is so pleasant and regenerating.

Visit of the museum of Daviaud in LA BARRE DE MONTS…

After a short return to the campsite to store the bikes and keep your seafood in the fridge, it will be time to take the road again in the direction of Le Perrier. Ten minutes will be enough to reach your destination: the Daviaud museum.
What does this visit have in store for you?
It is an “immersive journey” located in the heart of the Breton Marsh in Vendée.
In this natural and preserved setting of 6 hectares, you will plunge into the daily life of yesteryear, in an agricultural environment. You will learn for example in Louise’s bourrine to reproduce ancestral gestures and cherry on the cake, to try you with some steps of dance maraîchine.

The animations along the way make this experience fun and captivate the children.
How is butter made? How are hay ropes made?
You will soon have answers to all these questions.
And then, this course is simply appreciated. The beauty of the landscape and the ambient calm are more than enough to make this meeting magical.

You can consult all the rates by clicking on the following link: https: //www.ledaviaud.fr/tarifs/

Good to know

There are observatories from which you can observe different species of birds. A real pleasure for birdwatchers.

To finish this day in beauty, why not offer you a small walk on the embankment of Saint Jean de Monts
It’s time to stop thinking about anything…
It’s just time to enjoy the last caresses of the sun on your skin, walking at your own pace, without any objective, just for the pleasure.
And if you’re in the mood for romance, why not wait for the sun to make a spectacle of itself.
Sit on the sand, facing the ocean and admire the fascinating sweep of these light beams.
When he is done with his magic and the curtain comes down on this delightful day, perhaps you will decide to join the arms of Morpheus.