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Destination Noirmoutier…

Duration: 1 day

For this escapade for this “favorite” getaway many possibilities are offered to you.
For a total and successful immersion, we have concocted a program that should not fail to seduce you.

passage of the Gois to reach Noirmoutier

To begin, we take you to the passage of the Gois.
It takes about 20 minutes to reach this unique site.
As sumptuous as it is surprising, it is quite simply a living spectacle.

Just imagine…
At high tide, you have as only horizon this jewel of the Atlantic, this island as beautiful as inaccessible, Noirmoutier…
Then the hours tick by, the water slowly recedes, and a natural bridge, suspended for the time of this maritime interval, connects the island to the continent.

It’s time to watch the fishermen‘s broom on foot…
This place offers indeed a breathtaking scenery and is a delight for the epicureans of the sea. This little corner of paradise is full of tasty shellfish (clams, periwinkles, razor clams…) that will later be served at the table for a tasting with family or friends.
If you want to learn how to fish on foot, this is the ideal time and place.


If you don’t have all the necessary fishing equipment, at least bring a bucket and a rake.

the wood of the chaize in Noirmoutier

After this delicious morning appetizer, head to the Bois de la Chaize for a lunch break under the pine trees…

Take the direction of Noirmoutier (about 20 min) and reach this place full of history and emblematic of the island of Noirmoutier.
La plage des Dames, for example, takes us back to another era, to the end of the Roaring Twenties and the first paid vacations… Perhaps it is the succession of these famous white cabins on the beach that gives this place such a singular atmosphere, tinged with a pervasive romanticism.
Still, in the shade of the maritime pines or a holm oak, you will be able to enjoy your picnic and regain some strength before the rest of the program.

To know more

If you prefer to sit down to a good meal, you should know that Noirmoutier has many restaurants and excellent addresses.
It’s hard to make an exhaustive list, but depending on your budget, you’re sure to find something you like.

A lazy or sporty afternoon… The choice is yours?

If you are curious by nature and like to walk, we advise you to put on your sneakers and continue the adventure with a hike starting at the Bois de la Chaize. This sublime circuit is a condensed version of everything that makes the charm of the island of Mimosas (the other name we give to the island of Noirmoutier). It will take you along sandy beaches, through the woods and into a nature reserve where you will take time to explore the lush flora and fauna.
Here, the fragrant essences of the maritime pines and the houses with blue shutters are not clichés, but reality.
So a piece of advice, open all your chakras and enjoy!

  • Duration: about 2 hours
  • Distance: 8 km
  • Elevation gain: none
  • Difficulties: none
  • Marking: yellow

Want to give yourself a long tanning session.
Feel like taking a dip in the refreshing water and perfecting your physical condition by swimming.
Feel like reading a good novel to forget who you are and where you are.
Want to participate in the construction of the most beautiful sand castle that the earth is carrying.
Just want to do nothing because you’ve been dreaming about it all year.

HERE, the present belongs to you, do with it what you like.

Before going back to your home and if you still have some energy left, you can go to the Herbaudière. It is a typical and very dynamic fishing port that perfectly illustrates the daily life of sailors.
Why not take advantage of this opportunity to do some shopping and bring back some fresh products that you can cook on your return.

The little extra

you can choose to visit the island by bike. Numerous bicycle paths will allow you to explore it safely. For water sports and thrill seekers, the island of Noirmoutier has many spots that make windsurfers and kitesurfers happy.

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