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Camping near Challans

Only 15 minutes from the campsite le Bois Verdon 4* in Saint Jean de Monts, is the city of Challans, capital of the Marais Breton Vendéen. Located near the Vendée beaches of Saint Gilles Croix de Vie and Saint Jean de Monts, it gains each year in inhabitants who come to take advantage of its softness of life and its economic dynamism.

visit of Challans near the campsite

Challans and its local specialties

Who doesn’t know the delicious poultry of Challans?

These poultry, especially duck and chicken, are known throughout Europe and are the pride of the city. The origin of the Challans duck goes back to the crossing of wild ducks with other duck species such as ducks from Holland or Spain. The particularity of the Challans duck comes from the fact that it is raised in the marshes, whose marshy soils filled with mineral salts are highly appreciated by the bird.

It is worth noting that at the prestigious Tour d’Argent restaurant in Paris, Challans duck has been on the menu for over a century.

The other poultry that is honored by the city is the black chicken of Challans, raised on grain and in the open air, Label Rouge certified since 1969.

This chicken is the result of crossing several breeds, some of which were brought by English sailors. The black chicken of Challans has a fine and crispy flesh and has been rewarded many times at the agriculture show.

The market of Challans, near the campsite Bois Verdon in Saint Jean de Monts

Not to be missed on Tuesday mornings in the town center, the unmissable market of Challans which remains the largest market in the Vendée.
You can discover a multitude of street vendors and local producers. Come and buy Vendée Atlantique oysters as well as many other delicious seafood (mussels, clams, cockles…).

Visits and activities around Challans :

  • The village of Sallertaine, nicknamed “l’île aux Artisans” (the island of craftsmen), is nestled in the heart of the Vendée marshes and is home to a number of arts and crafts. Discover these craftsmen of arts exercising their trade with passion and endowed with a true know-how. In July and August, the village comes alive during the Nocturnes de Sallertaine, with free concerts and street shows.
  • The Rairé Mill in Sallertaine, which has not stopped turning since the 16th century! Production and sale of flour on site.
  • the Bourrine à Rosalie in Sallertaine which highlights the way of life of the market gardeners.
  • the Abbey of Ile Chauvet in Bois de Cené.
  • the “Foires à l’ancienne d’Autrefois Challans ” which take place on 4 Thursdays in July and August and which retrace the life of the past in order to discover the traditions and heritage of the Vendée. There are many animations, poultry and pig fairs, parade of the elegant, folk groups, wedding vegetables …

route du sel sallertaine