Charm, Relaxation and Tranquility 900 m from the beach...

Environmental Approach


This human sized campsite ‘Le Bois Verdon’ is located in a natural and authentic environment.

Concern for our environment, we are committed to a sustainable development and environmental protection approach.

Please find below our different environmental commitments :

Limit energy consumption

Our holiday-hire accommodation and communal areas are fully equipped with low-energy light-bulbs.

Our accommodations are equipped with a system which automatically switches off lights when our residents leave their accommodation at any given time.

The electrical equipment for our holiday hire and other facilities are classified as energy efficient category A or A+

Our swimming pool is equipped with a cover and a heat pomp

Our camping alleys are lit by solar terminals.

Reducing the use of water

All of our sanitary facilities (valvs and showers) are equipped with mixing valvs with automatic cut-out.

Green areas receive water through a drip system from a well.

Reducing waste production

All services are carrying out selective sorting and a central recycling point is available to staff and our clientele.

A collector of used batteries is available at reception.

Favoring eco-responsabile purchases and increasing awareness of sustainable development

95% of our rental accommodation is eco-designed (respect for the standard ISO14001).

Our cleaning products and welcome kits have an ecological certification and eco-label use.

We share that concern in reference to display on site and promote environmentally responsible behavior